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August 08, 2003


Action Research Confirms MAP-Crohn's Link

In its Press Release dated 8/6/03, the United Kingdom's Action Research Medical Charity has confirmed a highly significant association between Crohn's disease and MAP based upon the groundbreaking study carried out by Professor John Hermon-Taylor and his research team at St. George's Hospital Medical School in London.   Using state-of-the-art DNA testing as well as advanced cultures to detect MAP, over 90% of the Crohn's patients taking part in the study were found to be infected with MAP.

Action Research states in its Press Release:  "The discovery that the MAP bug is present in the vast majority of Crohn's sufferers means it is almost certainly causing the intestinal inflammation."

Action Research's Chief Executive, Simon Moore, said:  "We believe this is tremendously important research, which is why the Charity has funded work in this area for almost twenty years.  Action Research is supporting Professor Hermon-Taylor's efforts to develop a modern anti-MAP vaccine to treat Crohn's disease sufferers."  Trial results of this new vaccine should be available in late 2003.

The St. George's Team's study entitled "Detection and verification of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in fresh Ileocolonic Mucosal Biopsy Specimens from Individuals with and without Crohn's disease" (Journal of Clinical Microbiology, July 2003; p. 2915-2923) has been submitted to The UK's Department of Health.   Last year the UK's Food Standards Agency confirmed Professor Hermon-Taylor's Team's original findings of MAP in retail milk, and showed live MAP bacteria in two percent of retail pasteurized milk cartons.   "The problems caused by the MAP bug are a public health tragedy," states Professor Hermon-Taylor.

Action Research's full Press Release may be found at:

PARA's Co-Executive Director, Karen Meyer, stated:  "Action Research is to be applauded for funding this vital research.  Since 1997, PARA has been creating awareness about the MAP-Crohn's disease issue.   Professor Hermon-Taylor's Team's latest research is the strongest evidence yet that MAP is involved in Crohn's disease, confirming PARA's concerns for the past six years."

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