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Membership in PARA is Free

PARA is an organization of people with Crohn's disease, their families and friends. Since 1997, many of us have dedicated much of our time and resources in the pursuit of our objectives and goals. To date, we have had many successes, although our task is far from over. Since all of us have direct experience of the suffering caused by Crohn's disease, we have made it our mission not to rest until the true nature of the connection between MAP and Crohn's disease is known.

You too can help us in our very vital mission. By adding your voice to the growing chorus, you can strengthen our cause to seek answers about the true nature of Crohn's disease.

There is no membership fee to join PARA. To join, simply go to the page containing the PARA Membership Form, fill in the form and submit it. You will then be a member of PARA.