PARA's Medical Advisory Council

 Dr. Ira Shafran

Picture of Dr. Ira  Shafran.Dr. Ira Shafran.
MNH Surgery Center
Maitland, Florida


Dr. Shafran has been a leader in the use of antibiotic treatment for Crohn's Disease in the United States. He is conducting clinical research to explore the benefits of RMAT (rifabutin and macrolide antibiotic therapy) for Crohn's disease. Dr. Shafran has treated approximately 100 patients from all over the U.S. with RMAT.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Shafran is founder of Crohn's Disease Research Inc., a non-profit organization that disseminates information about Crohn's Disease and its relationship to MAP. The organization publishes a newsletter, "The Crohn's Crohnicles", that contains news and information relevant to Crohn's Disease and MAP. Dr. Shafran has served as a liaison for doctors interested in RMAT treatment and his website provides resources for patients.

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