PARA's Scientific Advisory Council

Dr. Michael T. Collins

Picture of Dr. Michael T. Collins.Dr. Michael T. Collins.
Professor of Microbiology
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Wisconsin at Madison


As a veterinarian and a microbiologist, Dr. Collins approaches study of MAP with two primary interests: 1) diagnosis and control of the infection in animals, and 2) understanding the biology of this unusual pathogen. His research publications span a wide variety of subjects, from cost-benefit analysis of a test and slaughter control program in dairy herds to laboratory studies on thermal tolerance of the organism to help understand survival characteristics of this bacterium in pasteurized foods.

Most recently, Dr. Collins has turned his interest in paratuberculosis diagnostics toward the human species. In addition to his teaching and research as part of his job as Professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Collins serves on the National (USA) Johne's Working Group, (NJWG) and is President of the International Association for ParatuberculosisNew window link indicator.

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