PARA's Scientific Advisory Council

 Dr. Rodrick J. Chiodini

Picture of Dr. Rodrick J. Chiodini.Dr. Rodrick J. Chiodini.

Rehoboth, MA


Dr. Chiodini received his Ph.D. in Bacteriology from the University of Connecticut with a specialty in Mycobacteriology. His primary research focus and Ph.D. thesis subject was paratuberculosis in cattle. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, Dr. Chiodini made the transition from animal disease to human disease and began to investigate the relationship between mycobacteria and Crohn's Disease in humans. His early pioneering efforts provided the first documentation and evidence that M. paratuberculosis was associated with Crohn's Disease, and caused the suspicion to become a credible theory of the cause of Crohn's Disease. Throughout most of the 1980's, Dr. Chiodini was in the forefront of investigation related to mycobacteria and Crohn's Disease, and led the research community into this controversial subject. Even today, much research relating to M. paratuberculosis in Crohn's Disease is derived from the infrastructure and backbone created by Dr. Chiodini. After over 20 years of effort in this area, no-one understands the implications or politics of Crohn's Disease and mycobacteria better than Dr. Chiodini. PARA is fortunate to have a scientist on its advisory council who provides the unique perspective of having been present on the ground floor of this controversial issue.

Dr. Chiodini was the co-founder and past-president of the International Association for Paratuberculosis, and has published over one hundred articles related to M. paratuberculosis and Crohn's Disease.

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